Lyckeby Careful
Clean label starch

Combines neutral taste, white colour and appetizing appearance with high functional performance. Application expertise, technical knowledge and advice - always included. Discover more, click the Play button.

Lyckeby Careful

Lyckeby Careful represents a unique range of high performing clean label starch that meets the industry's need for well performing functional clean label ingredients as well as the consumers' demand for tasty clean label products.

The clean label trend
An increasing number of consumers are today looking for "Clean labels" on the food they buy in the stores. Foods that are not only natural, good tasting and convenient, but also made of simple, recognizable raw materials and ingredients are prioritized.
The consumers' expectations of short ingredient lists with reduced number of additives/E-numbers, challenge the food industry to develop new products and to reformulate existing recipes.
Introducing Lyckeby Careful Clean Label Starch makes it possible for food manufacturers to meet this consumer demand and develop and launch clean label products with maintained high quality.

We offer clean label starches for most food applications
The Lyckeby Careful starch range includes warm swelling, cold swelling and gelling products adapted to the various process and application requirements in the food industry.
The Lyckeby Careful clean label starch portfolio serves a broad range of demanding processes in different applications.

Recommended applications
  • Fermented dairy
  • Processed cheese
  • Milk based desserts
  • Soups and sauces
  • Chilled or frozen ready made meals
  • Fruit preparations
Defining characteristics
  • Neutral and clean taste
  • White color profile
  • Process tolerant
  • Labels as starch, potato starch,
    maize starch/corn starch or barley starch
  • Non-GMO

Application expertise always included
That is why our starch products never come alone. As a natural service to our starch customers, we offer application support, technical knowledge and expertise by our starch specialists, when refining existing recipes or developing new products.

Taste, appearance and performance

Lyckeby Careful Clean Label Starch delivers quality and functionality similar to modified food starch with taste, appearance and process tolerance as the most important parameters.

Neutral taste
Lyckeby Careful Clean Label starch has a bland and neutral taste which does not affect the flavour of the final product.

The Lyckeby Careful clean label starch is white in color and will not discolor light final products. The starch delivers an appetizing shiny surface.

Lyckeby Careful clean label starch delivers a
pleasant texture and a full-bodied mouthfeel.

Good stability
Lyckeby Careful clean label starch is tolerant to low pH and provides good storage and freeze- / thaw stability.

Process tolerant
Lyckeby Careful clean Label starch is tolerant to shear, heat and acid.

Lyckeby Careful 370 and 390 are starch products especially developed products for extreme process conditions such
as UHT (Ultra High Temperature).

Products and recommendations

Product name
Lyckeby Careful 150
Processed cheese, dairy
Lyckeby Careful 230
Fruit preparations
Lyckeby Careful 240
Dairy, soups, sauces, ready made meals
Lyckeby Careful 250
Dairy, soups, sauces, ready made meals
Lyckeby Careful 250C
Cold prep. instant dessert, vanilla custard, sauce
Lyckeby Careful 330
Fruit preparations
Lyckeby Careful 340
Dairy, soups, sauces, ready made meals
Lyckeby Careful 350
Dairy, soups, sauces, ready made meals
Lyckeby Careful 370
Dairy, soups, sauces, ready made meals
Lyckeby Careful 390
Dairy, soups, sauces, ready made meals

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